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WGYEM - World Gospel Youth Explosion Movement

Converted Heart CME Church

Zion Baptist Church Archival Cabinets

Converted Heart CME Bible Study - Walking In the Light


We can set up a website with a video promoting your church and bible study videos to engagae members.The site will include a link to social media networks and PayPal for online donations. We will provid training on how to use PayPal and training on how to use the CMS (Content Management System), to update the website.


Your church promotional videos and bible study videos will be placed on our Youtube account which gets over 100 views from people all over the world. This will allow more traffic to your website.

Social Media

We will set up a Facebook and Twitter account for your church. Social Media is a great way to engage your memebers in new information about the chruch and continue to interact with your memebers on a daily basis.


Using Office 365 Shaprepoint we can create a safe and secure memebers only portal. This portal will give each memeber in the church access to their very own email address and allow them to stay active through the different features on the members only website.